Combi-Shears HCS8 C

Combi-Shears HCS8 C – With Shear Set – Cutting and Expanding

Eqipped with the Shear set the HCS8 C can cut:

  • Metal pipes
  • Water lines
  • Metal framing
  • Cut redundant power cables
  • Wood pieces
  • Steel and reinforcing rods up to 16mm

With its tips the HCS8 C can:

  • Separate radiators from the wall
  • Rip out steel and wooden framing
  • Separate or push-up previously split concrete pieces
  • Separate countless other materials
Order No.HCS8
Combi-Shear HCS8 C9014 0330 80
Universal shear set C6500 0720 82
Sickle blade set S6500 0726 82
Concrete jaw set J6500 0723 82
Brick jaw set B6500 0722 82

Hydraulic hoseNumber of Combi-Shears10 m
S118381 0504 02
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