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Greatest cutting force with minimal weight

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High-quality materials and the special pressure booster system bring the Darda steel shears a high cutting performance with lowest dead weight. They are designed for small carriers that are too heavy for conventional scissors. Thanks to their large opening width, they can also cut large sheet metal profiles where other shears fail.

TypeCC420 SCC700 S
Device carrier (t)3 – 67 – 15
Brokk demolition machine (type)160, 180, 260400, 800
Weight (kg)2751377
Opening width (mm)14511
(bar / l/min)
175 – 270 / 100175 – 270 / 150
Cutting force (kN / t)740 / 75,41840 / 188
Cutting capacity structural steel (mm)Pipe Ø139,4×8Pipe Ø168 x 7
L-profile 150x100x10L-profile 160x80x12
U-profile 140x60x7U-profile 200x75x8,5
I-profile 120x64x4,4I-profile 200x100x5,6
IPB-profile 120x120x6,5IPB-profile 180x180x8,5
Cutting capacity stainless steel (mm)
Hydraulic unit++++++
Rotary unit++++++
Replaceable wear parts++++++
Jawset Concrete++++++

+++ available, – not available

Note: Does not cut cast iron