Combi-Shears HCS8 B

Combi-Shears HCS8 B – With Brick Jaw – Breaks Through up to 32cm Brick Walls

HCS8 B bit through up to 32cm thick wall

  • In situations where walls must be demolished without dust, noise or vibrations
  • When large machines cannot be used
  • When conventional methods such as working with sledge hammers aren’t possible

The jaws are equipped with hinged steel tips. The HCS8 B tips can force apart a wide variety of materials up to 45 cm, for example separating door and window frames from concrete walls.

Combi-Shears HCS8 B stats:

Order No. HCS8
Combi-Shear HCS8 B 9014 0332 80
Universal shear set C 6500 0720 82
Sickle blade set S 6500 0726 82
Concrete jaw set J 6500 0723 82
Brick jaw set B 6500 0722 82

Hydraulic hose Number of Combi-Shears 10 m
S1 1 8381 0504 02
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